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Welcome to the official site of the First Special Service Force.

The FSSF was established on June 16th, 2008 by Captain Billy Sea Dog and surviving members of the old 106th. The FSSF has been running ever since but with a variety of changes. The unit was based upon Democracy; where each and every member had a say in actions that were taken.

Our rank structure is a bit different then other units, giving a bit of power to the "little" guys. Every one has a job, which ensures activeness from our members. We are run by our officers but still have a bit of say in what goes down.


Recently, March 3, 2010, the First Special Service Force have now become a DOD Source Realism Unit. All the members of the Unit decided that the time to leave DOD 1.3 had come. There was almost a 100% vote to change. Officially the First Special Service Force has not lost a single Official Scrim. The Unit continues to grow strong, and have now over 100 dedicated disciplined men. The Unit have taken Realism to a new level and look forward to even greater days, in any Campaign they enter.

FSSF currently is running 2 Servers for DOD Source and a single Ventrillo Server.

FSSF HEADQUARTERS - (will be locked at all times for FSSF MEMBERS ONLY)

FSSF PUBBING / DRILLS - (pub and have fun this is also our main drilling server)

Ventrillo: port 13780

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The FSSF are always looking for disciplined, skilled men. If you wish to know more about what the FSSF is all about, please visit our forums section or contact one of the officers. We'd be glad to chat with you.

If you decide to register on the forums, you must keep your posts clean. (Admins will delete it if it's not appropriate.)

We encourage you to establish a good relationship with our members, as we will do the same for you. 

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